About Us

 Demining Enterprises International (DEI) was established in 2002, with the aim of providing demining and associated services across the African continent. In the initial years, the company focused on Mine Dog Detection, but over the years, we have widened the scope of our services. Our first new avenue was helping out oil exploration and construction companies on the continent.

When we moved to collaborate with on-land oil exploration, we imbibed new knowledge and domain expertise to assist our clients in construction, drilling and seismic evaluation. This helped us excel in our field, making us one of the leading demining companies in Africa today.

DEI has developed a new revolutionary, unparalleled method of utilizing the minimum number of personnel to ensure the safety of construction, exploration teams of 500 – 600 workers with no lost-time incidents or injury.  This can be attributed to our understanding of the industry and our commitment to create a safe and risk-free environment for all.

Besides being proficient and competent in UXO and landmine removal, DEI also has developed landmine and UXO Safety Briefings to mitigate the risk involved. We work in conjunction with our clients and their staff and help them minimize the risk to their personnel and crew by conducting a mine-awareness program during the operations without affecting the clients’ work program.

We are proud to state that our services extend beyond demining. Since we are an African company, we have complete knowledge of the security risks and legal ramifications while working in the African continent. This puts us in an ideal position to offer the services of our Sister Company Specialized Security Consultants to foreign companies seeking to make an entry into the African market.

DEI – helping the African continent become safe and progressive!