Security Awareness Services

This division of our business was put in place and developed due to the passion that our Director has for the human right that each individual has to be protected against violence and other criminal activities.

Our Director, Johan van den Heever, is an Independent Security Advisor and a Certified Security Management Professional  (CSMP®).

He is certified by the International Security Management Institute (ISMI), United Kingdom.  He is qualified through a Level 6 Diploma for Certified Security Management Professionals and has been a Security Advisor on the African continent for the past thirty years.

He is a current Certification Role of Honor member of the ISMI and also a member of the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS).

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The current security situation in South Africa has shown that two important issues contributes and plays a major role in putting small and medium enterprises at risk:

  • Criminal activities from outside that put personnel and assets at risk. Although this risk is apparent, the conduct and behavior of personnel during these activities is equally important
  • Secondly, the Protection of Information of the enterprise (Intellectual Property) as well as the protection of client information, are increasingly becoming a high-level risk for companies in South Africa.

Taking the above aspects into consideration, our focus is on advising small to medium enterprises on different aspects of the security environment and especially to advise your personnel on responses during certain risk situations. We are sure that these presentations will go a long way to safeguard personnel and assets against most risks towards your company.

Without doubt cyber security is increasingly becoming an important factor in safeguarding your business. DEI is of the opinion that if personnel and management have baseline knowledge of possible cyber risks, it can only benefit the company/enterprises. But your company also has a responsibility in keeping safe client information against possible cyber intrusion.

Our cyber risk awareness program is quite comprehensive and aims to make personnel and management aware of modes of defenses that can be used to protect the company from possible cyber attacks.

DEI especially specialize in advising companies who do not have a security manager or security professional that is part of the company management.

How can you be more prepared?
Although it is not limited to the below subjects, our research have shown that the following subjects can assist your company to be more prepared in the case of adversary/criminal situations at your offices and/or in regards to the safety of your personnel:
  • Protection of personnel/ Personnel and Offices during armed robberies and other intrusions. We focus on preparing personnel for these situations, especially on how they should act and re-act.
  • Protection of personnel. Forecourt Training and Measures for Reaction. – (Handling of cash on a daily basis and reaction in case of armed robberies).
  • Protection of Information- (more focus on protecting your networks and assets against illegal access by outsiders)/ Important session to every business that do and/or receive electronic payments.
  • Measures in keeping personnel safe – Business traveling-both in South Africa and abroad
The approach is as follows:
  • You the Management identify on broad terms what your security needs/concerns are. You can also request DEI to assist you in compiling a Risk Assessment of your company and the immediate environment.
  • We then compile an Advisory Plan that suits your company/organization. DEI then have a meeting with you as Management to highlight to you the different security solutions we can present to you and your staff, through:
  • A tailor-made awareness program to fit in with your requirements and identified risks.
  • We do a six monthly refresher sessions to make sure your staff and personnel do not become complacent. (If required by you)
The focus during these security sessions is two-fold:
  • The focus of our security sessions is on your staff/personnel, to add to their knowledge to keep them safe in dangerous circumstance and how to re-act in different scenarios.
  • To additionally assist you as management to be aware of your tasks and responsibility during adverse criminal activities against your assets and personnel.
  • To protect your company information, of the information you available on your clients.

It is our belief that it is a basic human right of every human being, to have a safe and secure working environment.

It is thus the purpose of our Company to provide awareness to both individuals of companies, as well as Company management. Through these sessions DEI hope to share knowledge with everyone, to assist them in mitigate all kinds of risks, to themselves, and fellow workers.

Due to his vast knowledge on the topic our Director present these presentations personally.