Demining and Landmine Clearance / Battle Area Clearance

Unfortunately Africa – the Cradle of Humankind – has witnessed many battles and upheavals. As a result, there are vast expanses of land in remote areas that have become minefields or home to unexploded ordnance (UXO). Today, these minefields and UXO pose a threat to the development of the region. They hinder the exploration for natural resources and natural wealth, for which Africa is famous.

Why DEI?

Many exploration, construction and oil companies or other businesses endeavouring to enter the African Market turn to Demining Enterprises International (DEI) because:

  • We excel in demining and UXO removal;
  • Our modern approach saves time and thus money
  • Our teams are well-trained, with a wealth of experience
  • We exceed all expectations during the performance of our work

By using the services of DEI, our clients are able to make their work sites safe and ensure their work programmes/activities are not delayed or hindered by UXO. By using a modern approach and time-saving techniques, we provide our clients with a safe and secure working environment in the shortest possible timeframe.

We conform to the highest international required standards and procedures; including those of the International Mine Action Standards (IMAS). We are extremely proud of our 100% safety record. DEI has experienced no accidents since assuming operations in 2002.

Our service offerings

Some of the demining and UXO removal services that DEI offers include:

General mine risk assessment

Area and site reconnaissance to determine the threat before the client enters an area.

Technical Survey – Area reduction

A detailed topographical and technical investigation to Identify minefields, battle areas and danger areas to determine and delineate the boundaries and mark the perimeters.

Battle area clearance

Controlled clearance of hazardous areas where the hazards are known not to include landmines

Manual mine clearance

Physical clearance  of landmines and UXO in accordance with IMAS and DEI standard operating procedures

Mechanical mine clearance

The use of a specialised robotic, mechanical flail system to clear vast areas in a short amount of time.  Also used for opening of seismic lines in savannah and desert areas.

Liaising between the client, sub-contractors, authorities and military on all matters related to mine and UXO clearance

DEI accepts responsibility and authority for all activities related to demining and UXO removal during the contract period with the client

Mine risk education

Life-saving information we provide to those immediately at risk to minimize the risks for personnel working and travelling through areas contaminated with landmines and/or unexploded ordnance.

Daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports

Information sharing with our clients of all danger areas and progress.  This includes a detailed map of the working area and the surrounding areas.