• UXO Clearance

  • Security Awareness

    We assist you as a company to be more prepared in a case of adversary/criminal situation.

  • Landmine Clearance

  • Mechanical Mine Clearance

    Robotic, mechanical flail system to clear vast areas in a short amount of time


Demining and Landmine Clearance

DEI specialise in demining and UXO removal to make clients work sites safe and secure.

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Security Awareness

We also provide security awareness services your company to be more prepared in the case of adversary/criminal situations at your offices and/or in regards to the safety of your personnel.

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Demining Enterprises International

 UXO/Mine Clearance & Security Awareness in Africa


Registered in Mauritius, Demining Enterprises International (DEI) is an unexploded ordnance (UXO) and landmine removal company, with regional representation in South Africa.

DEI has supported various international agencies and organisations, and regularly interacts with government officials across the African continent. As experts in our field, we have the tools, personnel and domain expertise to carry out swift and efficient UXO and landmine clearance. We can customise the demining process to suit the local laws and sentiments of the people and we comply with not only the appropriate international standards, but also the local, country-specific standards.

Although our core business is UXO/mine clearance, we offer logistical services anywhere on the globe and on any scale, from supplying the basic needs to the building of camps for construction teams that makes them self-sufficient.

DEI also has a sister company (Specialised Security Consultants) that provides additional services such as security advisers, to meet our clients’ requirements in Africa, as well as around the globe.




Making no man’s land safe for people and development!

Unexploded ordnance (UXO), landmines and other remnants of war are widespread and are located in unmarked areas where least expected.  Its existence hampers free movement, halts agricultural production and impedes economic growth and development.

The removal of UXO and landmines is essential to ensuring the safety of the local population as well as new development. Exploration, construction and oil companies or businesses operating in these hazardous areas are of particular importance as they may enter these areas unknowingly resulting in accidents, injury and ultimately loss of life to personnel.

In addition, these companies often require logistic support services. Value-added logistic services increasingly assist companies operating in remote areas, freeing them up to focus on their project, rather than worry about the housing, transportation, workshop equipment and security details of their personnel.

State-of-the-art demining methods

Demining Enterprises International (DEI) is a leading demining company in the industry. Using approved technology to minimise risk and remove potential threats, DEI operates anywhere and on any scale.


DEI has developed a new, revolutionary method of operation. This method requires a minimum number of personnel to ensure the safety of construction and/or exploration teams of 500 to 600 workers. Our unique approach ensures that your teams can operate safely without lost-time incidents or injury.  This can be attributed to our understanding of the industry and our commitment to creating a safe and risk-free environment for all.

Helping the African continent head for progress and peace

Registered in Mauritius, Demining Enterprises International (DEI) has a regional representation in South Africa and focuses primarily on the African continent. Our expertise is certainly not limited to Africa and we have successfully completed projects in countries in the Middle-East and elsewhere. We take pride in being called upon by various governments and international companies to assist in clearing unmarked minefields and battle areas. We lead the way for others to follow safely in their quest for development.


By using area-specific techniques, we ensure minimal damage to the environment in accordance with international standards and requirements.